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Menyimak Yaa Siin

Semalam menghadiri 1000 harian saudara. Sambil mendengarkan pembacaan surat Yaa Siin dalam bahasa Arab, saya membaca terjemahannya dalam bahasa Indonesia dari awal hingga akhir.

Saya mendapatkan pembelajaran yang belum pernah saya rasakan dari surat ini. Sepanjang pengajian, saya seperti terhanyutkan oleh cerita yang tengah dituturkan kepada saya, diperjalankan dalam aliran lembut proses penciptaan, kehidupan serta perjalanan pulang.

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Today is your day, Mom



Every day in a year, you always have something to celebrate
You always have someone else to care for
As your sweet way to give thanks to God

You celebrate somebody’s birthdays
Be it your children, grandchildren, or friends
You celebrate our anniversaries
You celebrate our returning home from journeys
Our recovering from illness
Every little step we take

You care for us when, well, whenever
I remember you used to wait until the small hours
For our safe return home from our nights out
You stay up all night (and day too) when we’re ill
Cook our family’s favorite dishes the only way you can
whenever you have the chance

Never once you complain or raise your voice
Always with a smile
and prayer under your breath, I notice

Everyday in every year
There is always someone else for you
to celebrate or care for

Today is different

Today it is us who celebrate you
And please let us care for you
Show you how much we love you

Today your children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends
All of us, we shall gather to wish you the happiest birthday
We will sing, chat, dance, eat, and laugh
For your sake
You, who have made us feel loved and loved some more

I really hope you can feel the love and warmth
that you have been radiating
Reflecting back at you
A glimpse of what you mean to us
It’s gonna be awesome!

I have a confession
The last time we went to our hometown
As we visited our forefathers’ final resting places
I sat before your mom and dad’s graves, Mom
And I whispered to them,
“Thank you for giving me such a beautiful, wonderful mother.”

Happy 80th birthday, Mom
May God always bless you
As He has truly blessed me with you, and more

Generosity of my father

Do you sometimes have this uneasy feeling when pondering whether to extend your hand to someone who is in need and come to you for help?

All the what-ifs: What if they are just using us? What if they can’t fulfill their promise to return to whatever they are borrowing? What if they just want to have it easy, and that they can actually do better without having to come to us? What if this become a habit? What if I give too much that I am not saving enough for myself or my own family? The what-ifs that stop us from lending a hand.

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I love you back

I sat quietly the other day before you. Just us two. We were having breakfast at the nearest McDonald’s. I know, not exactly the healthiest way to start the day, but that was how it was.

I didn’t know where I got that idea. Breakfast here with you. I have a million things to do, but somehow I decided to skip them all and asked you lightly whether you’d like to have breakfast. You immediately said yes. Hence there we were. Continue reading

No shouting, please

It is heart breaking to see a person shout in anger at another out of annoyance of something trivial, while the other remains incapacitated.

To witness anger, to witness helplessness, to witness lapse of awareness, to witness repression, to witness false sense of power, to witness disregard to humanity.

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