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A post for the new year




A young girl was told that she must not practice cheerleading anymore, for it may worsen her back pain. Cheerleading was the love of her life. The news broke your heart.

It got me thinking, what if I were told not to do things that I love?

What if I were told not to write, for it may render my fingers crippled?
What if I were told not to practice my religion, for it may mess up my brain?
What if I were told not to work, for whatever reason that I can’t think of at the moment?

What if I were told not to love you, for it might break my heart?

I understand how it feels now. I shall take my chances.

What else can I do?


There are times when I find myself speechless. “How come you are so kind? So patient?” No idea. I know this much: It is not so much about kindness. Or patience. Or perhaps, it is about both, and more. Patience and kindness are mere side effects–one may even says natural consequences–of what actually Is.

I find myself choosing to remain quiet.

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What the heck do you think you are you doing, hopping around like mad? You look so annoyingly happy.



Argh, all bright eyes, bushy tail. You look so joyful, it feels fake. I know you. You’re not supposed to be like that.

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