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Ibu Lumrah


Pada suatu masa, hiduplah seorang ibu bernama Lumrah. Perawakan Bu Lumrah sedang; Tidak besar, tidak pula kecil. Agak sekel, kalau kata warga dusun. Ia dikenal sumringah, gesit, dan ringan tangan. Ibu Lumrah kerap tampak meluncur ke sana ke mari dengan baju lurik dan jariknya, tanpa alas kaki; menyapa ramah dan berbincang dengan warga. Kalau sedang tak berkeliling, Ibu Lumrah berdiam di rumahnya, seraya bebersih, mengurus ladang, atau menemani tamu yang mampir di warung teras rumahnya.

Ibu Lumrah tinggal di dusun Nengah – di dataran berhawa sejuk di pusat pulau, dikelilingi bongkahan gunung hijau menjulang megah. Warganya tidak terlalu banyak. Tapi mereka praktis memenuhi segala kebutuhannya, berkat kekayaan alam sekitar, kemampuan masing-masing warga, dan hidup saling memperhatikan dan salng bantu yang demikian mengakar di dusun itu. Continue reading


Giving birth to Peace


Stillness –

2015’s Dec 24 is commemorated as the birth of Muhammad (PBUH), while the next day, Dec 25, is Christmas – originated from the words “Cristes moesse” or ‘the mass or festival of Christ’- a celebration of the birth of Christ.

The birth of two great individuals of all time, commemorated side by side. This sends a strong message to the Universe. And to me, the message is the (re)birth of Peace. Continue reading

Let yourself be the dance of nature

The tree just stood there, awesome and strong as he was. He was quiet though. How curious. Why did he want me here if he had nothing to say? The previous night I had felt his vast-reaching presence and I was drawn to return.

So I did. Deep in the night. During these powerful moments before the dawn, with the moon finding her subtle way to shower her Light over me. But the tree was quiet. He was breathing slow and deep. His chest barely moving.

Go deeper within, he whispered. Be more silent. Be ever still. Relax. I concured, allowing him to guide me. My whole being reposed, planting its root solidly in Mother Earth. The night grew darker, and the tree even quieter. I did not know it was even possible.

From the kernel of such solemn quietude, the tree transformed himself before me, as if he was breathing out, or blooming. Continue reading

That split second of diverting: A Maleficent experience

maleficent-angelina-jolie-2014-wallpapers_948664419I was all set. Ready for the premier of Maleficent on a TV channel at the convenience of my own house. I even had a warm cup of tea with me.

As the film started, my eyes were glued to the set. Fascinating effects and colours of the make-believe world – the way Angelina Jolie’s character, maleficent herself, swooshed inches above the ground and the water then rose up above the cloud to feel the wind and the sunshine.
Continue reading