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Menyimak Yaa Siin

Semalam menghadiri 1000 harian saudara. Sambil mendengarkan pembacaan surat Yaa Siin dalam bahasa Arab, saya membaca terjemahannya dalam bahasa Indonesia dari awal hingga akhir.

Saya mendapatkan pembelajaran yang belum pernah saya rasakan dari surat ini. Sepanjang pengajian, saya seperti terhanyutkan oleh cerita yang tengah dituturkan kepada saya, diperjalankan dalam aliran lembut proses penciptaan, kehidupan serta perjalanan pulang.

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Feel the invitation


When sadness comes early in the morning, dissolve the habitual conclusion that something has gone wrong. When hopelessness, burning, and longing greet you in the night, melt away the dream that you have somehow failed yet again. Continue reading

Next phase for Planet Earth and star seeds: purification

Judith Kusel

There is a wave of massive energy changes now truly coming in and it is in the form of changes of the inner earth as well changes within us.

In ancient times all was communicated through an intricate language of geometrical forms, shapes and sound. Indeed, their patterns in itself hold energy, for it is in the combination of all of this that cosmic energy from Source manifests in outward and inner forms.

After Atlantis our ability to read this language and our understanding of all of creation underwent a severe change, as the planet fell from the 5th (Atlantis) dimension into the 3rd, and to very primitive levels.

Pockets of highly trained Priests and Scientist, fled, just before the final fall of Atlantis to outer regions of the Atlantean civilization, e.g. Egypt, Peru, Mexico, etc. They then started a series of underground mystery schools, which in…

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The words for me are: Love. Freedom. Humour.

And recently, I was informed: “Guts!”

What a collection of words for guidance. Just to utter those words make me feel happy and more alive. I can feel it cutting through my bones and creating strong resonance.

Alright then, Life, let’s have some fun!