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Beshara’s 7-day course (Nov 8-15)

Beshara SEA 7-day Discovering Unity course - Nov8-15 2014
Pleased to announce that Beshara SEA will be holding a seven-day Discovering Unity course at the Portibi Farms, Sukabumi, on November 8-15, 2014.

Principal of Beshara School, Peter Young, will be facilitating the course.

The course will have daily themes aimed at providing space for each student to start establishing in themselves a unified perspective on reality while remaining in her/his particular life circumstances.

Each day one aspect of each theme will be looked at together in greater depth, using a short text as the basis for conversation. Students will also be guided through a series of mindfulness practices together with group activities and conversation on questions and themes that arise.

The course is open to all, regardless whether the student has participated in a Beshara course in the past. Willingness to fully participate with the intention to know oneself is essential.

We truly hope that you could join this wonderful opportunity. Feel free to share this with friends whom you think would be interested too.

To know more about the beautiful space where we will be holding the course (Portibi Farms), please visit:

Undangan: “Hidup dalam Kemanunggalan, Hidup dalam Kesadaran Sejati”

Dialog & Lesehan Spiritualitas
“Hidup dalam Kemanunggalan, Hidup dalam Kesadaran Sejati”

Senin, 26 November 2012, Pukul 19.00-21.30 WIB
Aula Paramadina Pondok Indah Plaza I
Jl. Metro Alam Pondok Indah Kav. 20-21 (Depan RSPI)

Achmad Chodjim, MM (Penulis Buku Syekh Siti Jenar & Sunan Kalijaga)
Mr. Peter Yiangou (Beshara School of Esoteric Education)
Zubaidah Yusuf, MA (Moderator) Continue reading

Info: Call for entries – Maverick’s Catalyst Program

Jakarta-based communications consultancy Maverick is conducting Catalyst, a free training program series designed for NGOs, as part of its CSL program. This program is open for Indonesian NGOs.

Catalyst aims at assisting NGOs in increasing their professionalism and effectiveness in their communications initiative. The program includes 12 training sessions on various media and communications skills within a span of six month period.

Interested NGOs are invited to fill in the form in the document at Scribd below and send it to Maverick. Maverick would then review the entries and determine which NGOs would be included in this year’s Catalyst program.

Do make best use of this brilliant opportunity.

everyday heroes

I have decided to add a new page in this blog of mine, as a tribute to people from all walks of life who dedicate (some of) their time to help others and to the betterment of society. The list is still scarce, but I am working on it.

They have started doing something. Hope you are next on the line.

Coin A Chance!

coinbanner125x1251Started in Jakarta, Coin A Chance! is a social movement originated by two friends Hanny and Nia. It invites all friends and foe to collect their coins and ‘exchange’ it with opportunities for needy children to go to school.

You can learn more about them by visiting their website in

Daya Dimensi’s Employee Program

An Indonesian human resources consultancy Daya Dimensi Indonesia offers five million per month for a group of employees—each month different group—to conduct any social activities of their choice. Some groups take orphans for a fun day out, some help improve local children libraries, etc. Simple initiatives, real impacts—for those who are helped, and for the employees as well. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

Gantina’s edu program

A dear friend of mine, Gantina, organizes a group of friend to help ensure needy children around her neighborhood enjoy their education. Unfortunately, the only online info about her program is here. Let me know if you want to know more of it.

Yayasan Alang-Alang

🙂 I have just realized how I love education programs. Here’s another one from a friend, Melati. She has formed a foundation Yayasan Alang-Alang to set up places where children can learn and play, and read in a simple library. The education may take place in a dedicated center, somebody’s house, mosque, etc. I have written about her here, here and here.

MMD – Meditation to know self

[Bahasa Indonesia]
On Dec 24 2007-Jan 1 2008, I attended an eight-day meditation program called Meditasi Mengenal Diri (MMD, loosely translated to Meditation to know oneself), facilitated by Hudoyo Hupudio in Mendut monastery, Central Java.

MMD aims to free oneself from attachment. The rules are simple. The only ‘task’ we have is to be aware. To be aware of all our thoughts and actions. The only thing requested from us is not to bother anybody else. Simple, but not easy.

My days were full of ups and downs, full of various ridiculous thoughts to physical sensations, such as sore back and itches. But I was determined to discipline myself and not to give in to the sensation, thoughts and boredom.

Time flew, relatively speaking. I started to enjoy the meditation sessions. This so called enjoyment in itself is a golden trap. Mr. Hupudio reminded me to be careful, “Be aware that you are enjoying the meditation, until the time you feel neutral about it.” How cunning our brain is.

In the last day, the head of the monastery joined us. He reminded us to always be aware of and to pay attention to every move, every second of our life, including the times when we feel bored or frustrated why we cannot meditate.

Our mind is used to searching, demanding, and getting. It is difficult for the mind to give and let go. Even when we think we do good deeds, the mind keep thinking “What do I get?” From getting recognition from other people, good karma, prosperity and peace, to heaven. The mind still demands something in return.

Or subtler still, we often think “I give so that I feel fulfilled.” There is still hopes. The mind is having difficulties in letting go.

Even when we meditate, we often hope for ‘progress’. So when we feel at peace, we are happy that we feel at peace. We feel we are progressing. There is still expectation.

The habit of searching, demanding and hoping are the result for ego. The mind constantly demands. This creates unease, restlessness and dissatisfaction.

To overcome this, we only need to pay attention, to be aware. The method is so simple. Each of us has the capability to attend to our mind and physical condition.

Our thoughts, desires and plans in the everyday life should be filtered. Is it a good thought? Will it hurt us, other people, or other being? Is it feasible or am I being too ambitious, pushing it too far, or wanting too much? All has its own portion. If it is good, then we need to be consistent, should be loyal in executing the plan.

Our everyday life is our meditation. So let this kind of attention be present, always. Attend to all our physical and mind movement, to the mind that keeps demanding all things to everybody, including to self, other people, and God.

Complete note (in Indonesian) is here. You can also read a friend’s experience of MMD (also in Indonesian) here.