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Persistent hospitality of quietude

Perhaps it is a habit I started during my stay in Sevilla, Spain. There were very few mosques for me to sit and be quiet. So I opted for Catholic churches instead. They grew in me.

There is something about Catholic churches that I cannot really pinpoint. I love sitting in (most) Catholic churches for a quiet dialogue, or simply for quietude. I love lighting the candles in the churches. Whenever I go places, I make an effort to stop by its local worship places, be it mosques, temples, or, yes, Catholic churches.

That was also the case when I went to Singapore recently. I think we have a thing going on—St. Andrew’s Cathedral and I. Mind you, St. Andrew is a patron saint in Scotland, and also happens to be one of my favourite beautiful towns there.

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Article: Pursuit of Happiness

An article from a recent interview. Interesting headline. I wonder whether that’s what is about — a pursuit of happiness. The writer might have a good point there. Thank you, The Jakarta Post.

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Entangled by Ayam Tangkap

Funny how we learn about ourselves from the nitty-gritty of life. How we deal with those seemingly small stuffs really tells how we are.

ach-ayam-tangkap-cut-dek-300x270Whenever I go to Aceh, Indonesia, I bring home a special, traditional fried chicken called Ayam Tangkap (literally means Captured Chicken).

Yesterday was no exception. I bought five boxes to share with family and friends. I texted them about what was about to come. I checked the package in for the flight.

Late afternoon, as I arrived in Jakarta, I found out that the airline, Garuda Indonesia, had lost that particular package of mine. I suspect someone else have taken it because there were several similar package on the same flight.

I went to the lost baggage and filed a complaint. Continue reading