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Let’s be honest, let’s get real

Polar bear
Some people probably have noticed I have grown quieter – if it is at all possible. Apparently it is. I have noticed it, too. I have noticed a lot of things in me of late. I noticed I have become more selective in the activities (and people) I prefer to stay engage with.

There are things that do not appeal to me, and things that do. I engage with things that appeal to me, and stay away from those that do not, in a matter-of-fact manner. And they changes over time. Hence not-so-interesting things can sometimes turn to be rather interesting, or the other way around. One is allowed to have a change of heart.

Then I realise, ‘selective’ may not be the appropriate term, for the word implies deliberate act of selection. Mine is not so much a process of selection (through thought-process). Rather, it is a tendency of the heart.
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On becoming (spiritual)

IMG_1632Spirituality. We can make it as complicated as we can possibly imagine – for it has its intricacies – or we can stay as simple as we wish to be. Even light and playful.

It is about living from the core. It is about being honest in expressing ourselves. It is about becoming who we are in our original potential. It is about being moved by something Greater – I call It God, Allah. You may call It by any other names you wish, or not, or even not at all.

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Mbak Yun

  Saya ingin memperkenalkan sepupu saya Mbak Yun. Dia berasal dari keluarga sederhana, tinggal di Solo, Jawa Tengah. 

Untuk hidup, dia dan suaminya melakukan berbagai kegiatan yang mereka bisa. Ke pasar sejak dini hari untuk kulakan sayuran. Membuka warung di depan rumahnya untuk menjual sembako dan gas. 
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Let yourself be the dance of nature

The tree just stood there, awesome and strong as he was. He was quiet though. How curious. Why did he want me here if he had nothing to say? The previous night I had felt his vast-reaching presence and I was drawn to return.

So I did. Deep in the night. During these powerful moments before the dawn, with the moon finding her subtle way to shower her Light over me. But the tree was quiet. He was breathing slow and deep. His chest barely moving.

Go deeper within, he whispered. Be more silent. Be ever still. Relax. I concured, allowing him to guide me. My whole being reposed, planting its root solidly in Mother Earth. The night grew darker, and the tree even quieter. I did not know it was even possible.

From the kernel of such solemn quietude, the tree transformed himself before me, as if he was breathing out, or blooming. Continue reading

Let me be with sadness for a bit

Conversation in a Quiet Room
Hey sadness, it’s you again.

I hope I am calling you by your true name. Forgive me if I am not, and tell me what it is.

Anyway, this time you seem to be staying a bit longer than usual, knocking on my door more persistently, pacing back and forth making that clunking noise at the room upstairs. I hear you. Perhaps it is time for us to have a chat.

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