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Be — A proclamation

“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. And the practice can be carried out as a group, as a city, as a nation.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

I truly believe that this is emerging at this very moment and it shall continue to unfold. 

For this to happen, education is key. Not the formal education as we know it, but an education for human to be fully human – a blessing to the universe, a vicegerent of the All Compassionate. 

I bow to those who have boldly initiated these moves — who have started to form such communities, provide such education, and live an “alternative” way of living — one that is more compassionate and humane. Those who have shown us that not only this is possible, it is also most certainly desirable. I love you.

I dedicate my life for this vision to manifest. This much I know. As a dear friend once quoted, “our job is to be an awake people… utterly conscious, to attend to our world.”

God knows best and He guides the Way. May He make it easy for us.

Post script: I wanted to write more, but there are no words to add yet. I felt it is important for me to put this out there urgently. A stated intention. A proclamation. A dedication. An invitation. A green light to what is unfolding. I am saying yes to the Universe.

Responsibility — Response-ability

Anyone-can-Contributions-for-each-other-when-we-Are-Connected-Easy-BranchesHave you ever heard of “frequency holder”? It is a term coined by Eckhart Tolle to descibe an awake person or people who stay under the radar and live seemingly ordinary lives. An appealing way of living, I must say.

Some while ago I told a friend about it and said, “Perhaps that’s what I am destined to be. A frequency holder, staying under the radar, living a quiet life, and doing normal everyday chores.”

My friend sneared at the idea, “You wish. You are trained in communications. You can write. You have many friends. You’ve studied lots of stuff and traveled far. Go figure.”
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Menyadari makna kehidupan

[English version]


Setidaknya sekali dalam hidup, kita pernah mengajukan pertanyaan-pertanyaan luhur kepada diri, seperti “Apa makna dari kehidupan?” atau “Kenapa saya ada di dunia?”

Kesemua pertanyaan ini sahih. Bahkan mereka dapat membantu mengarahkan hidup dan mendekatkan ke pusat keberadaan diri.

Beragam kitab suci serta ucapan dari kaum Bijak berulang kali mengindikasikan jawaban terhadap pertanyaan tersebut, kerap secara terang-terangan. Namun kita bersikeras mengajukan pertanyaan dan menuntut jawaban. Kita butuh jawaban yang khusus diramu untuk pribadi kita. Kita merindukan tidak sekedar mendapatkan jawaban, namun juga merasakan atau bahkan mengalami jawaban tersebut.

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini demikian memikat sehingga kita terkadang larut. Bisa jadi kita memiliki gambaran yang terlalu romantis akan potensi serta peran kita di dunia.

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Finding life’s purpose

[Versi Bahasa Indonesia]


At least once in our life, we ask ourselves the big questions, like “What is the purpose of life?” or “Why am I here on earth?”

They are good questions, ones that may help us orient our life and move closer to the center of our being.

Sacred scriptures and words from the Wise have pointed to the answers on numerous occasions and often rather explicitly. Yet we keep asking the questions and demanding answers. We need our personalized answers. We yearn to experience the answers.

The questions are so sexy and appealing that sometimes we go too far with them. We can have a romanticized vision of what we may become and our role in the society.

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Rediscovering the gems

It has been a journey to sieve what needs to be said today. Allow me to think out loud.

I know it is about the diary I was revisiting yesterdays. About the days I spent during the two six month courses and one preparation for retreat course  at The Beshara, UK. I know it is about rediscovering the gems I have been so generously given during those periods, which is but a glimpse of what has been pouring to me throughout my life.

But what is it about? What is it saying? What does it want to say again, now, through this note?

As I was flipping through my diary pages, I was transported back to that place. Not place in a physical sense – that small dot in the border of Scotland and England. But more in the sense of the way of being that was emphasised throughout the courses.
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Show me how to read Qur’an

IMG_0133“What is the idea that the world to needs to know? What is that core idea that is fresh and unique to you?” That questions just refused to left me. I first heard it when I was watching Chris Anderson’s talk at TED about what makes a great talk, great. I have been pondering about them since then. On and off, of course.

The other night that questions came up again. So I posed them as a question to myself. I waited for a response. It came in the form of a distant memory: of me sitting before the Ka’baah in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 2003, asking God for a favor, “Show me how to read the Qur’an. Because I don’t believe that God who is The Compassionate, The Merciful, is as strict and vengeful as they say You are.”

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