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I can only tell you what I hear

There we were once again. Entangled in the never-ending conversation (lucky me!) about what to do in life. How to be. That everlasting question of what our role is in the Universe.

Sometimes I wonder whether we would get tired of asking these questions and start being – or perhaps the asking is part of the being, part of the becoming. Anyway, back to the storyline.

“You are a consultant. You provide counsel,” you commented.

“Yeah, well, in what, though?” I responded, with that all-too-familiar fleeting doubt for self. A lightning response from the head.

“In a lot of things. In anything,” you said, lightly and confidently. There was some truth in what you said. You made sense. As always. You made sense to me.

I let your response seep below the superficial intricate labyrinth of thoughts. I could feel an interior change of gear. A more genuine response surfaced.

“I can only tell you what I hear,” I heard myself saying, with intent.

That response stays with me even until today. Continue reading

Nature speaks

IMG_0706 (1)“It’s been too long,” said the ocean with its usual majestic voice, as I dipped myself by its shore. Its waves warmly enveloped my feet, up to the knees. Washing over my entire being with gladness and relief. Reminding me of what I have been missing. And what has been missing me.

“I apologise. I offer no excuses, for there is none. But I am here now. That’s what matters. So, let’s converse. Let’s pick up where we have left off,” I responded, startled by the immediate engagement to converse.  Continue reading


I remember this conversation from many moons ago.

A consultant came to her supervisor and said, “Tell me, what are the key skills of successful consultants?”
Her supervisor said, “Listening.”
“Okay, what else?” she immediately said upon hearing this.

Her supervisor responded, “You’re not listening.”

Beautiful, beautiful response.

Do you hear me, or do you only hear you?

She sat before me in silence, fully present to what I was about to say. I told her what had been going on and how I was. Minutes after, she was still sitting there, soundless, with occasional nods.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I asked curiously.

“I am still listening,” she said.

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