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Article: Pursuit of Happiness

An article from a recent interview. Interesting headline. I wonder whether that’s what is about — a pursuit of happiness. The writer might have a good point there. Thank you, The Jakarta Post.

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Beshara gathering (Jun 8, 2014)

“… So when they have focused their hearts and their spiritual aspirations on God and have truly taken refuge with Him – giving up any reliance on the claims of reflection and investigation and intellectual results – then their hearts are purified and open. Once they have this inner receptivity, God manifests Himself to them, teaching them and informing them through the direct vision of the inner meanings of those (obscure scriptural) words and reports, in a single instant.”
– Futuhat Al Makkiyah, Ibn Arabi

Dear friends:

Hope this note finds you well.

It is a dynamic time that we are living in at the moment. Various things are happening at a global and national level, and, one suspects, at our immediate surrounding of work, family, and friends, as well as interiorly within ourselves. Along with it, rises various challenges that may create discomfort, doubts, and perhaps preferences of how things need to be. It is indeed a time of change. One that may define how we move forward to become our honest self.
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