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Persistent hospitality of quietude

Perhaps it is a habit I started during my stay in Sevilla, Spain. There were very few mosques for me to sit and be quiet. So I opted for Catholic churches instead. They grew in me.

There is something about Catholic churches that I cannot really pinpoint. I love sitting in (most) Catholic churches for a quiet dialogue, or simply for quietude. I love lighting the candles in the churches. Whenever I go places, I make an effort to stop by its local worship places, be it mosques, temples, or, yes, Catholic churches.

That was also the case when I went to Singapore recently. I think we have a thing going on—St. Andrew’s Cathedral and I. Mind you, St. Andrew is a patron saint in Scotland, and also happens to be one of my favourite beautiful towns there.

Saint_Andrew's_Cathedral,_Singapore_-_20090911 Continue reading


I intended to insert this story to the previous post titled ‘Stop‘. Somehow I forgot. Perhaps the story merits a post of its own. So here goes.

Several friends and I were conversing about what was going on within each of us. About the situations and challenges of life and how we felt about them. Various feelings arose as we shared our stories. It was getting intense. One strong word surged after another. Stories got more complex and longer, colored with destructive emotions.

“Enough!” said one friend, with an unusually stern voice. Continue reading