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Words (1)

River of words flood through the mind, through the sense of sight and hearing. Yet they feel different these recent days. As beautiful as they are, they seem partial, complicated, and potentially misleading. What is not expressed verbally feels more real than what is being spoken.
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If I do not wake up the next morning

They say
“If everyday you wake up thinking
this could be the last day of your life,
one day you will be right.”

So if I do not wake up the next morning

Let me tell you a tale of an aspiring servant
Whose restlessness would not subside
Until she is one with her true Love

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Feel the invitation


When sadness comes early in the morning, dissolve the habitual conclusion that something has gone wrong. When hopelessness, burning, and longing greet you in the night, melt away the dream that you have somehow failed yet again. Continue reading